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           Ocean Freight Forwarding (Worldwide Service)

           Air Freight Forwarding(Worldwide Service)

           Triangle Transportation

           Bulk project Transportation

           Refrigerated Cargoes Traffic

           Inland Haulage/Distribution





           Chartering Brokering

           Pick-up /Delivery service

           Door to Door service




          With our global network, we provide the total logistic service for both import and export           shipments to any part of the world. We draw up the most appropriate routing plan for each           customer¡¯s requirements.

          Developed in the cooperation with our qualified professionals, the transport proposals           combines the efficiency, accuracy and compliance with the customer¡¯s needs.



   1. Export


           We have the expert knowledge in LCL consolidation, container inland handling,

          space and equipment reservations under the close relationship with shipping lines.

          This expertise combined with our manpower allows us to give the shipments full attention           and to transport our customer¡¯s cargo in the most competitive manner.

           Our sophisticated computerised system accurately prepares the complete and necessary           documents to the customs, customers and agents.

          Regardless of any kinds of commodity and destination, we are ready to fullfill the

          customer¡¯s diverse requirements all the times.


    1) LCL consolidation

    2) FCL

    3) Special containers(reefer, open top, flat rack)

    4) Heavy/oversized(out of gauge) cargoes

    5) Break bulk cargoes

    6) Project cargoes

    7) Chartering/brokering

    8) Inland trucking/pick-up service

    9) Railway/feedering service

    10) Door to door service

    11) Customs clearance

    12) Packing/shoring/lashing/loading service

    13) Cargo insurance

    14) Warehousing/storage

    15) Documentation

    16) Buyer¡¯s consolidation

    17) Military cargoes

    18) IMO(dangerous) cargos


   2. Import


           We provide the advanced international logistics services through differentiated logistics           ability, on-time delivery and close cooperations with agent and shipping lines and also total           logistics solution for the importers including overseas transportation, customs clearance,           domestic transportation, insurance, warehousing, distributin and door-to-door delivery.


    1) LCL consolidation

    2) FCL

    3) Special containers (reefer, open top, flat rack)

    4) Heavy/oversized (out of gauge) cargoes

    5) Break bulk cargoes

    6) Project cargoes

    7) Chartering/brokering

    8) Inland trucking/delivery service

    9) Railway/feedering service

    10) Door to door service

    11) Customs clearance

    12) Unloading/unlashing/devanning service

    13) Cargo insurance

    14) Warehousing/storage

    15) Documentation

    16) Distribution

    17) Military cargoes

    18) IMO(dangous) cargoes



     In air cargo transportation, time and precision are vital to the customers. We fulfill our responsibility of transporting the cargoes to the desired destination with punctuality,

          safety and accuracy.

           In order to offer the most competitive service to the customers, we maintain the close and           cooperative relationships with airlines and agents.

           Pre-alert are sent to the shipper and consignee with appropriate shipping informations.

          When ever there are the charges in the shipping informations, the concerned parties           would be notified immediately.

           It is also our pride to provide top-classed total logistic service to the importers from the           time of placing the order to the time of cargo delivery on the customer¡¯s hand.

           All offices are electronically connected with head office, enabling us to provide a more           efficient service and unified communications.

           With our extensive global network and professional staff, we assured that your logistics           requirements will be handled with care and personalized attention.


          1) Consolidation

          2) Pick-up/delivery service

          3) Packing/storage

          4) Customs clearance

          5) Door to door service

          6) Warehousing/distribution

          7) Cargo insurance

          8) Documention



           We have lots of experiences and know-how in triangle businesses from  China, Indonesia,           Vietnam, Peru, Philippine & etc to Europe, America, Asia area and we are handling our           regular shipments with the systematic operations under the reliable follow-up with the           qualified agents. We also provide the tranship arrangements for the transshipments cargoes           from/to China and North Korea with the proper procedures and documentations.


           We provide the demestic transportation servics in the fastest, safest and most economic           way possible and our optimal transportation service will achieve the responsible           transportion with the reduced expenses.

           We have expertise in the handling of heavy/oversized bulky cargoes, small cargoes as           well as hot delivery cargoes.


          1) Pick-up/delivery service of LCL shipments

          2) All type of container transportation (dry, open top, flat rack, reefer containers)

          3) Heavy/oversized bulky cargoes

          4) Pick-up/delivery service of air freight export/import shipments

          5) Railway transportation

          6) Barge transportation

          7) Distribution

          8) Multi-stop containers

          9) Hot-delivery cargoes

          10) Exhibition cargoes

          11) Military cargoes

          12) IMO(dangorous) shipment

            Our sea & air service meets the needs of the business community who trade with the            Europe and North/South America. It is a worldwide freight service that is faster than all            water and more economic than all air. Goods are consolidated and transported in            exclusive-use ocean containers from origin to a gateway that is approximately held the            total journey. At this gateway, the ocean containers are devanned and the contents            transferred to air carriers to be carried to the closest destination airport.

           From the closest destination airport, the goods are cleared and delivered to the consignee.

            We provide the customs clearance and customs brokering service for the import, export            and transit cargoes.  

           1) Import and Export customs clearance

           2) Customs transits

           3) Customs inspection services

           4) Bonded warehouse services

           5) Customs documentations

           6) EDI declaration

            We offer our customers the value added services to cater all your shipping needs. Along            with local pick-up and delivery, we can also provide your company with services such as            Warehousing and Distribution of your products. We also provides secured and racked            warehouse space or floor storage, complete with docks and van ramps.

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